Monday, September 28, 2009

Day three: Phoenixville to Holtwood

So yesterday it was rain.  Today's word is WIND!  And lots of it.  The calm wake up in the meadow below the Phoenixville YMCA was not at all a predictor of the tempest of wind to hit us once we got out of the Hopewell Furnace Valley.  The ride was great, but it was real work just to keep the bike on the road, so I don't have a lot of pictures.  I will try to add some when I get to a place with a little better 3G connection.

The ride took us up to St. Peters and then through Morgantown where the wind really kicked in.  Down through New Holland on our way to Strasburg.  Didn't get a chance to ride on the railroad there, but my Mom did come down to meet me at our water stop.  It's nice to have such family support.

As I was pushing hard against the wind today I had time to think about the things that I have been hearing during the evening talks. One of the things that drew me to Climate Ride was that it was billed as a "climate conference on wheels", and sounded intriguing to the scientist in me.  Indeed I have not been disappointed.  One speaker who stood out last night was Alison Gannett and her method for examining and eventually reducing one's own carbon footprint. I strongly urge people to look into her website at and her method of CROP.  Very intersting suggestions.

So after a short rain shower (yep we were still dogged by rain!), I left Mom and Strasburg for the final push to Holtwood.

And so after about 68 more miles today, I can say that my butt is a little sore, my legs are a little stiff, but I am still full of energy and (almost) ready for another day's ride into Maryland.

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