Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day Two: Princeton to Phoenixville, PA

So today we retraced, in reverse, the path that Washington and the Continental Army took in that winter over 230 years ago. And the word for the day was RAIN. We started out in a steady drizzle, breaking our camp after a steady overnight rain. The ride was damp, but I had strong motivation to keep going, since we were heading to Lambertville where my family was waiting to cheer me on.

Saying goodbye to the family (again) was hard, but it was time to head off across the Delaware River and on to lunch in Doylestown. After lunch, the rain started to clear and we continued west crossing the Schyulkill river eventually heading through Valley Forge.

And just after leaving the park I ran into a heavy downburst and got soaked all over again.
Finally dried out now after setting up camp in Phoenixville.

All told, almost 68 miles. today. Legs still feeling good. Hopefully I can say the same tomorrow!


  1. Love the pix. Thanks for sharing. Miss you.

  2. Oooh, I hope the forecast holds for most of the trip!