Thursday, April 30, 2009

Well, not actually training. . .

So today was not a training day, but it was significant.  I was part of my first fundraiser.  Actually the fundraiser was run by the Rider University chapter of Gamma Sigma Epsilon, the Chemistry Honor Society for which I am the advisor.  They decided that a "Pie your Professor" might gain some money for my ride and allow students to blow off some steam as we come into the final exams period.  Between me and a couple of other hearty science professors $125 was raised.  While it was a nice event for the students I don't know that I will be doing too many more fundraisers like it.  

Well, we'll see how the rest of the fundraising goes.  Please help contribute to my ride by clicking the link at the right so I do not need to take any more pies to the face.  I will be smelling like "vanilla" pudding for at least a week!

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  1. I did actually see Shaina's photos on Facebook before this, but it still cracks me up.

    : )