Sunday, April 26, 2009

And now it's summer . . . .

So for the third time in 5 days I had a chance to get on my bike – late this afternoon – once the kids were napping.  Short ride up to the high school and back – just less than an hour.  So in three rides over 5 days I have done more than 45 miles.   Pretty good considering it's not even May yet.  

Although, it felt like July.  The thermometer topped 93 degrees at my house today.  For my ride on Wednesday, it was about 55-60.  Friday it was about 75.  And now 90s?  Crazy hot for two more days, but I need to give my legs a rest for a few.  And I don't want to overdo it in high heat!

I think my next task will be to take a ride of over 20 miles or about two hours.  Need to get to work on my endurance for longer rides.

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