Friday, April 24, 2009

Return trip

So today was a much nicer day than Wednesday for me to ride my bike home from work.  My route today was much much flatter as well.  From campus I rode through Ewing to get to the D & R Canal and rode that straight home.  A little longer than the ride in, 18.5 miles, but just about the same time.  Although I will say this, having only one day in between these two rides, I definitely felt it on the ride home.  I am glad that it was fairly easy going.  Indeed, I might have really struggled home had I done the full round trip on Wednesday.  So while I continue to feel better about my training, I can still tell I've got some real limitations that I need to overcome as the training becomes more regular. 


  1. Be careful in the sun... I almost passed out today and I was just walking. Shows how much I go outside.

  2. Sun screen, my dear Robin. And plenty of hydration!