Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day!

So we had an Earth Day event on campus today.  As part of the event I was out talking up Climate Ride to the University community.  It was nice to have students and colleagues listen to me explain what I am doing late in September – and why.  It was also a nice event for the Energy and Sustainability Steering Committee on campus.  

As part of the deal, I rode my bike to work.  It was a nice ride - hard at first, though.  My route took me over the hills first, so I had two mean climbs within the first 6 miles.  But after that it was pretty easy going.  The total distance was 17.5 miles and I managed that in under 90 minutes – no mean feat – all things considered.

Didn't manage to ride home, though.  Inclement weather postponed my return trip and I got a ride.  On Friday, when the weather improves I will be dropped off at work and ride home.  Different route and I'll have more to tell then.

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  1. wow that's incredible.
    p.s. - finally got around to donating.