Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back after some time off

No, I haven't stopped riding. I've just been busy. There was a conference to go to and then a family vacation. And during that time the bike was in the shop getting a tune up. I have done a little riding since my last post, but it's has been almost two weeks since my last ride. So it was nice to just run up the river to Frenchtown and back after dinner. Okay so the last 20 minutes or so were in almost darkness and that wasn't so good.

But it was nice to be able to do 30+ miles in about two hours. Yes, it was flat, but I figured it was better to do that than really push my legs on some hills after being off the bike for a while.

So, for those of you counting at home, it is exactly one month until I start the Climate Ride. So I have some last pushes to do. Final push on the fund raising and the final push on training.

Keep your fingers crossed that both go well.

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