Friday, June 26, 2009

Training - sort of

Well, it turns out that one can train for Climate Ride even on vacation - especially when the vacation is in Atlantic City and there are plenty of bikes to rent on the Boardwalk.

Okay, so it wasn't any hill training, but my wife and I rented cruisers and I had a trailer attached to mine so the kids could come along for the ride. So while the ride was nice and flat, I was hauling an extra 60 pounds!

The ride was nice as was the weather. We spent better than an hour to ride down to Ventnor and back. After checking Mapquest, it turns out we rode 8 miles! So not my normal pace, but definitely a good workout.

Here's a pic from starting out. The kids really don't know about wearing helmets, but we had to have them. So that was entertaining at first.

Here's a picture down in Ventnor. By this time the kids were a little bored, so we knew it was time to turn around.

1 comment:

  1. That looks fun... I could use a vacation.

    Did Kira win any money in AC? I bet she is a card shark...