Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A quick ride . . .

This has been a hectic week and a half. Getting appointments taken care of at work. Spending time with family and getting ready for a week-long vacation. Between that and the very uncooperative weather, I feel lucky I was able to get out for a 14 1/2 mile sprint today.

I call it a sprint, since I did it in under an hour. I was kind of pushing myself so I could get home and beat the rain, which started to fall as I got home. And these one hour sprints will be just fine, except I will need to do 20 of them in succession if I am going to get through the Ride in September. It is now a little more than three months away. I am doing fine with the riding I have been doing. But I really need to pick up the training pace.

I am hoping that the time for training will free up after vacation. See you in July I suppose. . . .


  1. how many miles do you have to do each day for the climate ride?

  2. Hi Robin!

    Blake here - I'm the Ride Director for the Climate Ride. Good question about mileages. It's about 60-70 miles each day through beautiful countryside and historic American landmarks. Really fun! There are plenty of rest stops and we give out directions, so no need to sprint heavy during the days. Most people make it to the next overnight location in time to relax, shower, and enjoy dinner, and hear the expert climate speakers each night.

    Come along!



  3. Blake-

    I was just joking about sprinting my way through Climate Ride. It just seems like most of my training up to now has been up about 15 or 20 miles. Gotta take a few long rides next month to start building endurance.