Sunday, March 1, 2009

In Training

Well, the saddle sores have set in.  

Yesterday I did my first ride since last fall.  It was a short run up the river and back; mostly flat ride; 14 miles total; took me a little more than an hour.  So all of that is not so bad considering how out of shape I am.  It was also cold and windy; something I am not used to riding in since my days of riding across frozen lakes in Minnesota.

The hardest part was waking up this morning.  I am sure that as I ride more, and get into a better habit of stretching before and after a ride, I will ache less.  

At least that is the hope. . . . 

My other hope is to get on my bike at least once a week for the next few weeks, just for short trips.  Of course, with snow today and tomorrow and temperatures not getting out of the 30's for a while, this could be a little difficult.

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