Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another cold ride

Well, the third Saturday in a row and I have been on my bike.  Same route, so I am getting used to the 60 minute ride - and so is my butt. It was colder again today - low to mid 40's. Although, after I am going for about 15 minutes I really don't notice the cold too much. Except when I ride against a strong head wind.  

I'll have a picture up in a little while to show you how bundled up I get, but this picture an earlier one of me adjusting my front derailleur. I am riding a hybrid which has a 9 speed cassette and 3 chain rings in the front. As I am getting back on the bike, I find I need more combinations. But as I get more accustomed to riding again, I am sure I will settle back into needing fewer.

What I really need to do next is start challenging myself in training with some hills. There's no shortage of those around here. 

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