Friday, September 25, 2009

Well I'm in NYC

My family drove me and my bike into the city. Took longer than I had hoped, but the kids were troopers. Walked over to Central Park Zoo and looked around a bit.

The kids liked the polar bears and the seals in particular. But they couldn't stay long and just as soon as we got into the City they had to head home.

I am staying at a place called "The Pod". Not surprisingly the rooms are small. Enough room for me my bags and bike. After the family headed out I rode through Midtown to Central Park to check-in and drop off my bike. It was certainly an intersting experience riding that one mile on my own. Tomorrow morning we ride five through town to catch a ferry, but that will be with a group. And that will be a whole new experience for me as well. For now though I just need to rest up.

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