Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Butt in Seat

It's something I say to my kids all the time at the dinner table. But this past seven days it has taken on a new meaning. . . .

My wife has basically engineered it so that I had my butt in the saddle six out of the last seven days, putting in 125 miles over all those days. Okay so it might be 15 miles here and 20 there. But putting time in the saddle every day has really started to wear on my sit-bones and tell me where those pressure points will be on a 5 day ride.

My wife is so smart.


  1. Ha ha, I *told* you that you needed to be thinking about your butt!!! :) So, look into shorts with excellent padding (the money is worth it!). And also think about using a product like Chamois But'r or Butt Balm or Udder Cream -- they really do make a difference. You're probably too late to find a new saddle at this point, although you could try -- the ones with holes cut out are really good. Good luck & hang in there! :) (I rode 80 miles on Sunday, and it felt great!)

  2. I'm still working on sitting down at the dinner table...