Sunday, July 26, 2009

RIding long distances

Okay so 40+ miles is not a long ride for many. Heck the Tour de France is over 2000 miles in a couple of weeks. I have barely done 500 miles this summer. But it is interesting what happens to me when the rides get longer. I get into a zone and just pedal.
And pedal.
And pedal.
And pedal.
Yes, I see the countryside, but I focus on my pedaling more.

Anyway today's ride was good, but not as long as I wanted to go.
At about 20 miles out, I got a bit of gunk in my front derailleur and that threw it out of whack. 30 minutes of fiddling with the adjustments made it useable, but not great for the return home. Fortunately I was able get a better alignment this evening at home.
The bike is definitely in need of a tune up. Hopefully middle August.

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